I do accept books for review from publishers, zombies, authors, readers, aliens, etc. These books do not have to be physical, but they can be, they can be an ebook such as kindle, ebup, etc.

If you do send me an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of a book 2 or more weeks (at the time I receive it) before the publication date I will read and review the book prior to the release. If I receive an ARC 1 week or less before the publication date I will try my hardest to have it up before the release.

If you wish to send me a physical book please contact me at the ways listed below. I will not enclose my address on my blog because of security risk. I will give you my address once I receive a request/email from you.

If you do send me a book to review I will give you credits in the beginning of my review, i.e Disclaimer: I received this book from (insert name) for an honest review, unless otherwise stated or requested.

All reviews will be published on my goodreads and blog. They may also be featured on my social medias such as twitter, instagram, and pinterest.

If you would like to send me a book to review you can contact me the following ways:

  1. Email– (This will be the easiest, fastest, and all around best way.)
  2. Goodreads:
    1. user number- 29194167
    2. link-

Thank you so much for your generosity.